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A large number of satisfied employees and executives as well as our long-term collaboration with many of our clients, document the high quality of our work. For many of our customers, we were and are involved in both consulting and implementation projects, developing training concepts, and conducting trainings and coaching for many of our clients.

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Professionalism and reliability

Flexibility and adaptability

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Result orientation and effectiveness

Empathy and communication skills

Selected customers

SystemicScout Marco Sauerhöfer has received a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers in recent years. Our relationships and collaborations are transparent, trusting and cooperative.

Our topics

Leadership skills, communication techniques, conflict management, team building. We also carry out training series for managers, project managers, process supervisors, trainers and coaches. We adapt our content, methods and media concepts individually to the needs and goals of our customers in order to achieve maximum benefits. In addition to extensive expertise, we also have a passion for learning and developing people. We create a supportive and motivating atmosphere in which the participants can develop their full potential.

Successes arise from contact and communication

We use every opportunity to collect, evaluate and share information.

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