What is the use of a compass without maps?

You have learned a lot - by doing and not doing. You have gained experience. Disappointments and mistakes have taught you to rethink things and tackle them differently. Success and confirmation make you happy and satisfied. You will be tempted to „keep it up“, to keep the course. But life brings constant change. Learning is a holistic lifelong process. Teaching knowledge, behavior and connections is only part of it. It is important to have learning opportunities and to be able to try yourself out. Everyone has their map ...

  • with familiar places,
  • undiscovered corners,
  • avoided regions,
  • beloved stations,
  • ...

... and everyone has their inner compass!

Even if you have clear goals and think you are on the right track, you are sometimes confused. Then it is helpful and useful to calibrate the compass and/or update the maps. If you want to find out if you're lost and if the navigation is difficult, an experienced scout can be a helpful support.

I have had the privilege of supporting many individuals, teams, and organizations as a SystemicScout so far. My own development in the projects and with colleagues is also inspiring - also for future tasks.

Coaching, support, accompaniment and training are a good addition to personal development ... if methodology, didactics, goals, content and the companion(s) fit. They do not replace a compass, no maps and are not an image of individual reality, but they expand and enrich them!

Where do you see the biggest challenges?

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