„Anyone who needs a coach must be pretty failed and incapable!“

We only knew each other casually. Chance brought our round together at a friend's house. In a private setting, we enjoyed a cozy meal together. Afterward, the first conversations about our professions began. It was a mixed round. Some had probably expressed quite a lot of self-confidence and also a bit of arrogance. Others found this too much, and two small discussion groups formed. I mentioned that, in addition to leadership, project management and consulting, I also work as a trainer and coach.

Suddenly, the arrow hit me: "Anyone who needs a coach must be pretty failed and incapable."

The further conversation made it clearer. Many stereotypes were immediately brought up, including:

  • Anyone who needs a coach is weak!
  • I am strong!
  • Coaches are unnecessary!

... But the food and the red wine were good!

Stereotyping is like a mental prison – comfortable for those who apply it but a true challenge for those locked inside. Anyone claiming to know enough about someone after putting them in a box overlooks the fascinating unpredictability of the human being.

What helps against drawer thinking?

How can I deal with it as a coach and trainer?

Share your thoughts in the comments or feel free to contact me directly.

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