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Wisdom Like a Tree: Why We Need Patience to Develop Deep Roots

Perhaps you also know this from your parents ...

I had goals, wishes and visions for my life ... my parents had them too - for me. They then gladly took every opportunity to tell me what to do - because from their point of view, with their history, with their goals and wishes and on the basis of their experiences, that's how things should be!

Of course, I now assume they had good intentions to protect me from making mistakes and facing failures ;-)

In my youth, I often felt this constricting and intrusive enough. My response was rebellion. When my parents accepted that I had a mind of my own, they started letting go more and more.

Now I have gained a lot of experience in my life - good and bad - my very personal learnings. One of these learnings: Don't do it like your parents!

As a father, there were moments when I caught myself and said to myself „You just did that like your parents?! - Well bravo - so much for self-discipline …“

But there were also situations in which I consciously decided on a similar behavior (and of course had good reasons for it).

What I recognized was that the roots of my behavior are also in my history. Regardless of this, I have my own will and freedom to shape things. So I have developed my own strong roots that continue to grow and constantly need nutrients.

Today I want to share an inspiring story about wisdom ...

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